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Solve the Financial System
The vulnerability or strength of any system is a function of the systems flexibility and availability of channels to trade its energy. That said, its a wonder that most people are subject to a privately owned central bank with a single currency.

Most commercially successful countries restrict monopolies and encourage competition. We now have the technology to add another dimension to that diversity by adding BOETi and barter to the common currency of your state.

When purchasing:

  • Ask if the supplier will accept BOETi, (time), either "pre-paid" or for future work or services.
  • Use outlets that will barter with you.

    When supplying:

  • Add a notice that you accept barter and or BOETi (time) as mediums of exchange at the managers discretion.
  • Add an accounting or POS, system that will accept and track BOETi and barter.
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    Site News

    Launch of the BOETi Website
    The BOETi website was published with a view to help spread the word about GALGal and its system of governance in connection with trade.

    BOETi is a Bill of Exchange of Time.

    Time is a a unit of measure of the apparent progression of stars, intertwined with your labor and or attention.

    There is no monopoly on the currency of GALGal, which means that you are free to create and issue your time as your see fit and without hindrance but with consideration that every living thing has the same right.

    For an example of BOETi see the "Public Notice" menu.


    A Monopoly on money
    Contrary to common belief there is no monopoly on what people can use as a bill of exchange. Monopolies make economies weak and subject to the whims of a few suppliers. You can use anything as a bill of exchange as long as it is agreed to by both the supplier and the customer.

    The simplest type of BOE is a verbal agreement to supply something in exchange for something else. Today those agreements can easly be recorded on a cell phone. Just record the transaction using the phones video or audio recording feature.

    It's important to remember that the value of the exchange is not determined by the value of the goods but by the needs of the parties.

    The simplest unit of exchange is your time: You are given about 40000 seconds every day to exchange for goods and services.

    Unless you convert your time to produce or seed there is not sure way to store or carry you time from one day to the next.

    For an example of the wording that should go into a BOE see the "Public Notice" menu.

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